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CAT#: A-1006    

Chemical Structure


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Biological Activity

The effect of AZD0530, a dually active inhibitor of c-Src and Bcr-ABL, on bone resorption, has been tested in a Phase I clinical trials with promising results.A phase II trial of AZD0530, an oral Src-family kinase inhibitor, in patients with advanced castration resistant prostate cancer was conducted. The primary endpoint was prostate cancer-specific antigen (PSA) response rate, defined as a 30% or greater decrease. AZD0530 inhibited tumor growth in a manner independent of dose and inhibited phosphorylation of Focal adhesion kinase (FAK) and paxillin in a dose-dependent manner in a Calu-6 xenograft model.

Technical Data

M.Wt: 542.03
Formula: C27H32ClN5O5
Purity: >99%
Storage Conditions : Room temperature, or -20ºC for 2 year.