Product Name: AZD3965
 CAT#: A-1374

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AZD-3965 Chemical Structure
AZD-3965 chemical structure

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Biological Activity
AZD3965 is a selective inhibitor of monocarboxylate transporter 1 (MCT1) with a binding affinity of 1.6 nM, is 6 fold selective over MCT2 and does not inhibit MCT4 at 10 μM. Both lactate transport and cell growth are potently inhibited by AZD3965 in lymphoma cell lines that preferentially express MCT1. Lactate transport inhibition in some cell lines also induces a cytotoxic effect. In vitro combination studies show that lactate transport inhibition can enhance the induction of cell death by doxorubicin. Blocking lactate transport in vitro also leads to a rapid inhibition of glucose uptake in the Raji Burkitt's lymphoma cell line. In vivo, AZD3965 is well tolerated and induces a dose and time dependent accumulation of lactate in the tumours, suppresses tumour growth and in the Raji model potentiates the effects of Rituxan, doxorubicin and bendamustine.The selective inhibition of lactate transport by the MCT1 inhibitor AZD3965 offers an novel mechanism for targeting the metabolic phenotype in tumours that preferentially express MCT1.
Technical Data

Mol. Formula: C21H24F3N5O5 S
MW: 515.51
CAS#: 733809-45-5 or 1448671-31-5 (Note: Sci-Finder listed two CAS# for this compound).
Purity: >99%
Chiral Purity: 100%
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