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CAT#: A-1015    

Chemical Structure

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Biological Activity

CI-1033 effectively inhibits the growth of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma which co-expresses both EGFR and HER2 with the inhibition of phosphorylation of both MAPK and AKT. CI-1033 was highly potent against EGFR (IC50 0.8 nM), HER-2 (IC50 19 nM) and ErbB-4 (IC50 7 nM).

Technical Data

M.Wt: 485.94
Formula: C24H25ClFN5O3
Solubility: DMSO
Purity: >99%
Storage: Room temperature, or -20ºC for 2 year.
CAS No: 267243-28-7, 289499-45-2