Product Name: CPI-203
 CAT#: A-1289

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CPI-203 Chemical Structure
CPI-203 chemical structure

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IUPAC/Chemical name: (S)-2-(4-(4-chlorophenyl)-2,3,9-trimethyl-6H-thieno[3,2-f][1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a][1,4]diazepin-6-yl)acetamide

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Biological Activity
CPI203 is a novel potent, selective and cell permeable inhibitor of the bromodomain and extra terminal (BET) family protein BRD4 with an IC50 of ~37 nM (BRD4 α-screen assay). It has an IC50 of ~99 nM in inhibiting Myc expression in MV4-11 cells and an IC50 of ~30 nM in inhibiting IL-6 production in THP-1 cells stimulated with LPS, decreases specific Ser2 phosphorylation of the carboxyl-terminal domain (CTD) of the RNA polymerase II (Pol II) by either endogenous BRD4 or a BRD4 mutant, BRD4 FEE-AAA, that is incapable of binding PTEFb. CPI203 is an analog of JQ-1 but has shown superior bioavailability with oral or intraperitoneal (IP) administration. When mice that were transplanted with primary mouse T-ALL cells, either Fbxw7+/+ or Fbxw7mut/+, were treated with CPI203 at 5 mg/Kg orally twice per day, a significant and rapid reduction in leukemia burden was observed. CPI203 is a useful chemical probe to study the suppression of Myc-dependent cancer development.
Technical Data

Solubility:Soluble in DMSO
Purity: >99%
Storage Conditions: 2ºC to 8 ºC, or -20ºC for 3 years.


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