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CAT#: A-1032    

Chemical Structure

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Biological Activity

Potent, selective and ATP-competitive inhibitor of MET kinase (IC50 values are 9, 68, 200, 1400, 3000, 3800 and 6000 nM for MET, Ron, Flk-1, c-abl, FGFR1, EGFR and c-src respectively and > 10000 nM for IGF-IR, PDGFR, AURORA2, PKA, PKBα, p38α, MK2 and MK3). Antitumor agent; inhibits tumorigenicity and angiogenesis in mouse lung cancer xenografts.

Technical Data

M.Wt:      641.61
Formula:     C32H34Cl2N4O4S
Purity:     >99%
Storage Conditions :Room temperature, or -20ºC for 2 year.