Raltitrexed( Purity > 99% by HPLC)

Product Name: Raltitrexed
 CAT#: A-2204

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 Synonym:US brand name: Tomudex. Abbreviation: TDX. Code names: D1694; ICI-D1694; ZD1694. ,

Raltitrexed Chemical Structure
Raltitrexedchemical structure

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Biological Activity
Raltitrexed (Tomudex, TDX, ZD 1694) is an antimetabolite drug used in cancer chemotherapy. It is an inhibitor of thymidylate synthase, and is manufactured by AstraZeneca. Used in treatment of colorectal cancer since 1998. Raltitrexed is a quinazoline folate analogue with antineoplastic activity. After transport into cells via the reduced folate carrier, raltitrexed undergoes intracellular polyglutamation and blocks the folate-binding site of thymidylate synthase, thereby inhibiting tetrahydrofolate activity and DNA replication and repair and resulting in cytotoxicity.
Technical Data

Purity: >99%
Chemical Formula:C21H22N4O6S
Molecular Weight:458.49
Raltitrexed MSDSRaltitrexed CoA

IUPAC/Chemical name:(S)-2-(5-(methyl((2-methyl-4-oxo-1,4-dihydroquinazolin-6-yl)methyl)amino)thiophene-2-carboxamido)pentanedioic acid
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